Donny Liu’s Favorite Bug

Our team uses a web-based tool to test our product. In one page, we can input tree-like structured data. In some conditions, we have to create a child under one node of that tree by clicking a drop-down list to select the type of the child object. The amazing thing is, we have to click many times to create the child successfully. We have to click, click, click, and don't know which time we can succeed, sometimes, it never works. After being confused for several days, one tester finally found the defect: just at the left side of the drop-down list, there is an invisible button! If we click that button by accident, we can create the child object. If we click carefully on the list, we will have no chance of success. Sometimes, carelessness helps!

-- Donny Liu


Do you have a bug whose story you love to tell? Let me know!

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