The Braidy Tester Went To PSL And All I Got Was This Lousy Song

[To the tune of The Beatles' Octopus' Garden]

I wish that I could be
A tester who sees
Bugs before they happen
Yes I do
I'd point them out
With joy my dev would shout
Because over that one
He wouldn't stew

My PM would say
"Away you must not stray
Because we need you here
Yes we do"
To his office I would hie
And then I would reply
That I felt his request it
Wouldn't do

Then my boss he would arrive
And say that he would drive
Me anywhere I chose to
Have him go
I'd send him down the street
To purchase lots of sweets
And then I'd send him back out
For some pho

I would teach my tester friends
How to reach this same end
Soon there'd be a cadre
Of us all
We would point and point and point
At every bug in the joint
There'd be no hiding from us
We'd have a ball

We would point out bugs all day
For us it would be play
We would send our boss out
For mac and cheese
(For mac and cheese)
Everyone would look and stare
It might be too much for them to bear
For us testers to be

I wish that I could be
A tester who sees
Bugs before they happen
Yes I do
I would show you how it's done
We would have such lots of fun
Pointing out all the bugs
In this zoo

We might finally get an office
With a view

Broken programs would become
So very few

The shareholders would all go
"Woo hoo!"

Statues of us famous artists
Would hew

We would have golden toilet paper
In our loo

(Not familiar with PSL? See my trip report!]

*** Want a fun job on a great team? I need a tester! Interested? Let's talk: Michael dot J dot Hunter at microsoft dot com. Great testing and coding skills required.

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