CASTing For Participants And Papers

If you are looking to attend a testing conference this year, consider CAST 2008. CAST is not your typical conference. While each session does start with you sitting in rows staring at PowerPoints, each session ends with you discussing anything and everything with the presenter and other attendees, all enabled by a trained facilitator. Sessions are separated by generous buffers of time, so energetic discussions can continue and continue and continue. Imagine a that - a conference where the point is to confer!

If you are looking to present at a testing conference this year, consider CAST 2008. Check out the Call For Papers, then submit your proposal outline by 4 February 2008. That's only a week and a weekend away, so get cracking!

Dunno yet whether I'll be attending. However, Michael Bolton will be. Matthew Heusser told me he is going. Pradeep Soundararajan is flying all the way from India to participate. Jerry Weinberg is keynoting. And that's only the tip of the iceberg!

While CAST will be a lot of adjectives, "boring" isn't one of them!

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