Call Stack


A Tester’s Rejoinder

[To the tune of Van Halen’s Finish What Ya Started] Come on Barry finish what ya startedInto your office all these bugs I’ve cartedNow fire up your IDEThere’s quite a lot I agreeYou wanted bugs, now you’ve got themNow fire up your big brain stemThe repro steps are crisp and clearPlease get started while I…


A Developer’s Demands

[To the tune of Wang Chung’s Let’s Go] This is my applicationIt is perfect in every wayAll that is left is for you to sign off So I’ll leave you to your workAnd I’ll go home to sleepIt won’t take you long, my code is so boff I wish you’d stop what you’re doingAnd work…


I Don’t Think That’s Exactly What They Meant, Exactly

A hotel I was in recently had a toilet: I found that sign over the toilet rather interesting: Um, I can think of at least two other things which are going into their septic system!


AYE – Amenities

The conference hotel was one of those every-room-is-a-suite places. I found having an extra room helpful even though I wasn’t in my room much. The hotel food was standard hotel food which I didn’t bother eating. (A healthier menu with organic ingredients next year please!) Fortunately an organic grocery store was less than thirty minutes…


AYE – Friday

Friday I recuperated from the week of brain stuffing, intellectual and emotional stimulation, and long days by motoring up to Sedona, where I processed my week (and wrote this) with the assistance of an energy vortex or four.


AYE – Thursday

Thursday was SHAPE Day, a gathering of those conference attendees who are also members of Jerry Weinberg’s SHAPE Forum. We started out about twenty, which number dwindled throughout the day as people left for the airport. This was effectively a live, in-person version of the Forum, replete with much good advice, the uncovering of a…


AYE – Wednesday

Wednesday morning I took part in a writing workshop by Johanna Rothman and Naomi Karten, each authors of multiple books and copious articles. I picked up numerous tips, such as to ask reviewers for specific types of feedback rather than simply requested comments, and to replace verb+adverb combinations (e.g., walked quickly) with a stronger verb…


AYE – Tuesday

Tuesday morning I took Naomi Karten’s Building Connections That Amplify Your Effectiveness. I thought it would be about networking. Nope. (I don’t know why I thought that since the class description didn’t mention that topic.) It turned out to be informative nevertheless. We did a variety of communication exercises each of which taught me something…


AYE – Monday

Monday morning I attended Steve Smith’s workshop on Virgina Satir’s Change Model. The short form of this model (see his popular article for the full skinny) is: Status Quo. Everything is stable and going well. A Foreign Element pops up. The person/group Resists the foreign element’s efforts to pull them out of the status quo….