There’s A Bug

[To the tune of “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”]

Well the code my dev checked in is frightful,
And the bugs he checked in are delightful.
I hear we’re going to ship today,
That’s why he did this all yesterday.

The bug database is overflowing.
With pride you can see I am glowing.
Not a thing in my app works today.
I’m in bug finding heaven, shout “Hooray!”

I crash my app with a look,
I melt it down with a sign.
I am jumping around with glee,
And my developer looks ready to cry!

We had one good build last week,
And then Dev went and gave it a small tweak.
They thought it all would be okay,
But now, faced with the result, they’re not so gay.

The developers promise to improve.
They say they will do better next time.
If you believe that they really will
I have a bridge I will sell you for a dime!

I poke fun at my devs with songs,
Yet I work by their side all day long.
We trust each other implicitly.
Still, their bugs I do so love to make them see!

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