Tester Dragon

Rather than spending hours crafting a post this week, I decided to spend hours crafting a cartoon (click to see it bigger):

Other captions which didn't make the cut:

  • "So you're the new tester, are you?"
  • Jim's "Most Bugs In A Single Checkin" award was delivered by a representative from the Test team.
  • Tom receives a visit from the Test team's enforcer.
  • The developers always knew when they broke a BVT.
  • For some reason William's developers fixed every bug he found.
  • It didn't matter that he couldn't read code. The dragon was the most effective code reviewer on the team.

*** Want a fun job on a great team? I need a tester! Interested? Let's talk: Michael dot J dot Hunter at microsoft dot com. Great testing and coding skills required. Not drawing skills though. <g/>

Comments (3)

  1. Philk says:

    I said I wanted a drag AND drop feature not…

  2. At what point to you disable comments on your blog? I was curious about where the RIF occurred but can’t ask now.

    Is this blog approved by MS? It seems rather upbeat for most of the testers I know …

  3. Tonnvane:

    1) Comments are disabled after a month, I think – whatever the default is.

    2) To which RIF are you referring?

    3) If by "Is this blog approved by MS" you mean "Does some MS watchdog pre-read your posts, and request changes to remove any bashings and make it more Microsoft-friendly", the answer is most decidely No! I write whatever I want to write about however I want to write it. As for being upbeat, although I can’t speak for the testers you know, I personally love my job, and I imagine that comes through in my posts. I certainly get frustrated at times, no question. One reason I am happy is likely that I make a point of working on teams where I can work through my frustrations with my manager and other teammates rather than submerging them to fester for months on end. I also make a point of working on teams who do things they way I think they should be done (or are moving that way, at least). I have too many things I want to do to waste time on jobs and teams I am not going to enjoy!

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