I was planning a post filled with griping about people expecting testers to robot down lists of test cases rather than use their brain. Then I decided such a rant wouldn't be so useful to you.

Instead of reading me today, howsabout you visit the new MSDN Software Testing Forum. Also known as Yet Another Place To Talk About Testing. <g/> Even though Microsoft is sponsoring this forum it is by no means limited to questions about Microsoft's testing products, or testing applications built on Microsoft platforms. Ask away, and whatever the community doesn't answer, one of the forum moderators - i.e., Julie, Alan, or me - will answer.

This forum is but the first part of an increased emphasis on testing on MSDN. More news when I can say it!

Comments (2)

  1. (via the Braidy Tester ) This is very cool. I wonder why I didn&#39;t hear about it internally?

  2. Alan announced it this morning. Dunno why he waited until now to do so.

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