And Now For Something Completely Different

I am excited to announce that today is my first day on...yet another top secret V1 project. As a test architect no less! I've had lots of fun on Expression these last almost-four years, and now I'm ready for something completely different. More news when I can tell you....

Comments (3)

  1. PhilK says:

    tell us the secret project NOW or we’ll make you sit in The Comfy Chair until lunchtime, with only a cup of coffee at 11!

  2. Dingo says:

    Congrats on your new gig. I figured this post was as good as any to throw a comment/question at you:

    You use "Making developers cry since 1995" as if it were something you’re proud of.  Does developer anguish equate to tester success, or is that just a fun slogan?

  3. I’ve had that slogan since I started my blog. Mostly it’s a less boring way to say "I’ve been a tester since 1995". I am proud that I find issues which make my developers cringe. I am more proud when I’m able to work my developers to prevent those defects from being created.

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