Driver Wanted

I was walking along, minding my own business, when a sign in a shop window reached out and grabbed my attention:

    Driver wanted. Must have valid WSDL.

Say what? Applicants must have their own Web Services Definition Language file? I can see how it could be useful for a delivery person to be addressable via a web service. I must have missed the day when they handed out spinal implants to everybody...

How would you test that? "Can you ping me now? Good."

[Yes, I did eventually figure out that "WSDL" probably means "Washington State Driver's License"...]

Comments (2)

  1. More to the point, what kind of device requires a driver that has a web service? It’s bad enough that video drivers want to add themselves to the desktop context menu. I really don’t think I want to install a device that needs IIS running to function…

  2. I also wonder whether they’d consider someone who’s WSDL was merely well-formed…

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