Software Wonderland

[To the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus"]

Here comes a developer, here comes a developer,
Right down software lane.
Slinging code and flinging bugs,
Oh my they are so vain!
They think that once their code compiles
It must be all right;
Bugs don't matter if people buy it,
And the chances of complaints are slight!

Here comes a tester, here comes a tester,
Right down software lane.
Finding problems, fighting bad code;
Can you feel their pain?
But they get their sweet revenge
Logging bug after bug;
Listening for their developers' reactions -
That one just passed out on the rug!

Here comes a PM, here comes a PM,
Right down software lane.
Tweaking here and adjusting there,
Do they think specifications are a game?
Every time they make a change it's
Lots of work for us.
That's OK 'cause we ignore them anyway
And those specs they gather dust.

Here comes a marketer, here comes a marketer,
Right down software lane.
Pretty boxes, smarmy smiles,
Yet another ad campaign.
We all love them when they come 'round
Handing out all that swag;
They claim our product is number one,
But the critics only seem to rag.

Here comes an executive, here comes an executive,
Right down software lane.
Making pronouncements and changing schedules,
Leading only in name.
They think they are so important
Just 'cause they are the boss.
We don't know where their ideas come from;
We think they're hitting the sauce!

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  1. Anu says:

    Awesome song! LoL

    Happy holidays!

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