Testing In Five Easy Steps

James Bullock recently presented his Big Book Of Testing at the Seattle QA SIG. I'm sorry to have missed it - I decided Colombia would be more fun <g/>. Reading the PDF isn't the same as hearing James present it would have been, but how often do you see everything you need to know about testing reduced down to five simple points?

 [Update 4.30p 19 Dec 2006: Repointed the link to a new version of the file.]

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  1. bryane says:

    I find it very amusing that the name of the readme file is incorrect in the tarball for a book on testing

  2. James Bullock says:

    Thanks. That’s good information.<g>

    Testers, or people who write about testing are no more inclined to get a work product perfectly right on the first pass than anyone else. I’m no exception. Actually, I’m a bit administratively challenged, so I’m glad it is not worse. As a creator of any kind of content, I’m one of those who very much needs testers.

    Indeed, once we get past the pernicious fallacy that testers work products must be or can be perfect we can get down to making things better, investing in "better" where it makes sense to do so. That’s the point.

    Of course, if we’re smart we will set things up so even a musing on testing strategy can be easily corrected if someone notices a mistake. I have done so. Thanks again.

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