Colombia, Here I Come!

I am excited to announce that SQA has asked me to fly down to Colombia to give my talk Hallmarks of a Great Tester! I'll be speaking in Bogotá and also in Medellín. My wife is coming along, so we'll get a vacation out of it too. Fun fun fun!

Thanks to reader José for recommending me!

Comments (4)

  1. Hi Michael . It is great to know you are comming to colombia. I am Ruben D. Sanchez Microsoft Visual C# MVP. plese contact me if you need some help or guidance here in colombia.  Have a good staying in Colombia!

    Contact me here:

  2. Ruben, thanks for the offer! I’d love to meet up if nothing else.

  3. it is glad to know that you’re comming, hope we can get in touch to talk about testing (jejeje) and maybe a beer.

    See you in Medellín.

  4. Ruben, I tried using your contact page, but it didn’t work. Can you please use my contact page to let me know your direct email? Thanks!

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