Forty Miles?

No real post today, as I'm attempting forty miles on my Trikke:

The forty mile route I'm attempting on my Trikke today

I'm starting (#0) just south of Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill (Seattle, Washington). I head down to Lake Washington and trek along its shoreline until I hit Seward Park (1), around which I'll loop. Then I take city streets west past I-5 (2) and over the Duwamish river, at which point I take the Duwamish Bicycle Trail north to Alki (3, aka West Seattle). I continue around Alki past its westernmost point (4) and down to the Fauntleroy Ferry (5). Then it's back east a bit and then north to where I cross over my path and take the West Seattle Bridge (6) to the waterfront bicycle path. From there it's downtown (7), up through the International District and back to where I started.

Google Earth says it's forty miles. Today is supposed to be near eighty degrees (Fahrenheit). I did twenty-five miles a few weeks ago in about five hours, but it was cooler that day. We'll see if I survive! <g/>

Comments (4)

  1. Harris says:

    Duwamish, eh?  As in Duwamish Books Store?? 😉

  2. Dunno, haven’t been there. The trail goes along the Duwamish River, I think is where it’s name comes from.

  3. Michael,

    That’s really awesome doing 40 miles on a T8C-Air.  Even on the T12 it’s a good feat.  You’ve really got your Trikke Rock’N!  

    Keep it up and keep the reports coming!

    Happy Carving,


  4. As it turns out, about seven of those miles are hills way beyond my capabilities. So it was really thirty-three miles Trikkeing and seven miles walking. But it was still a great ride!

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