"Developer" Diary

Dr. Dobb's Journal recently started a new column titled "Developer Diaries", where they interview a few developer types each issue. I'm not exactly a developer, but I am featured in the August issue! If yours hasn't arrived yet, or you're not a subscriber, see me online at http://www.ddj.com/189500004?pgno=3.

Comments (2)

  1. Anutthara says:

    Yeah – I know, being a tester is doubly fun. You find a bug, you are happy that you found one. You didn’t find a bug, you are *reasonably* confident of your feature and you are happy for being that much closer to shipping <g/>

  2. Anutthara says:

    BTW, I still like the picture on your blog better than the one on Dr Dobb’s.  😀

    (Wishing for a feature to mark certain blog comments low pri) 😀

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