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I've been thinking about gaming on Tablets. Card games, Whack A Mole-like pound games, and board games benefit from the direct interaction you get from the tablet stylus. But what would a Tablet-specific game that takes advantage of the unique features you get from a Tablet/UMPC look like? It might incorporate:

  • Direct manipulation of objects
  • Ink recognition
  • Ease of drawing / sketching
  • On-the-fly screen orientation changes (yes some flat panel monitors can do this, but it's not functionality a game designer could count on)
  • Variable pen pressure (on most Tablets anyway - neither the tiny Fujitsu nor any of the extant UMPCs support this)

I have a few ideas but nothing earth-shattering yet. I can feel a breakthrough game lurking here. Find it before I do so I don't have to build it! <g/>

Comments (2)

  1. AndrewSeven says:

    If you could go beyond the basic orientation iformation and know the real-time orientation of the tablet, you could make it function like a port-hole kind of view into the game.

    With basic orientation info, you could make a maze that you navigate by rotating the tablet.

    I think there is a real breakthrough to be made with board and card games as electronic paper becomes reasonable to work with.

  2. AKell says:

    You may want to take a look at the Nintendo DS.  It has many games that use just the stylus and the touchscreen.

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