Semantic Dream Analysis

They say that when you start thinking and dreaming in that foreign language you are trying to learn you are finally starting to internalize all that book learning with which you’ve been stuffing your brain. I wonder if that carries over to other skills…

This weekend I had a dream about a bug in a website. The details are fuzzy now, but evidently the website was supposed to do some sort of semantic analysis on my input and instead took it literally. Which of course is what computers always do!

I think I’m going to add another hallmark to my Hallmarks Of A Great Tester: Great Testers Dream Bugs. <g/>

Comments (3)

  1. Phil says:

    Maybe it was a nice piece of cheese before you went to sleep ?

  2. Maybe! <g/> Except I don’t remember having any cheese that evening…. I’ll have to try some of those flavors though!

  3. Phil says:

    I would recommend a Wallace and Grommit DVD