My New Toy

My birthday present to myself this year was a Trikke:

Me on my Trikke

Trikkes (that's a long "I" and just one syllable - "trike", not "trik-eee") are three-wheeled cambering vehicles, which is fancy speak for "lean side-to-side and turn the handlebars and they go fast". They are way fun to ride, but prepared to ache all over when you're done as pretty much your whole body gets into the act. Trikkes excel on the flat, slaloming down hills is a blast, and going up hills is a whole lot of work but very possible. (I'm still working on the going up hills part...) And you can freestyle on them just fine.

If you're in the Seattle area I'd be happy to give you a demo riding lesson. If you decide a Trikke is for you, please purchase through my affiliate site and help me feed my Tablet addiction! <g/>

Comments (2)

  1. WaveTrack says:

    okay, not sure how to blog, but would like to hear why you bought the T8 rather than the T12.  I’m in Seattle near Greenlake and want to get one to spin the lake.  I’m 6’2" and weigh about 190 lbs.  Do you think the 8 would be too small?  Are you thinking of moving up to the 12 now that you can ride the 8?


    Ken (

  2. Ken, I was thinking about getting a T12, but after trying them both out the T8 seemed easier to learn on. The bigger wheels on the T12 seem like they would deal with the bad roads around my house better, so I probably will move up to a T12 before long. Especially if I can get my wife addicted to Trikkeing – the T8 is just her size!

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