Hooray For Me!

Speakers at STAR East are given the opportunity to submit a paper in support of their presentation. In addition to serving as the unlive version of the presentations, the papers are judged and the best awarded Best Paper.

Guess who won this year? <g/>

(Co-won, actually; I tied with someone else. But I'm still pretty happy!)

Comments (2)

  1. phil kirkham says:

    Hooray for you !

    Congrats – I often re-read your Hallmarks article to keep myself on track

    Did you get an actual award or just a title ?

    and when are you coming over to England to give your presentation ?


  2. I received a real live plaque! And I’d be happy to pop over "the pond" to give my presentation – just overnight tickets etc. for me and my wife. <g/>

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