STAR East anybody?

I'll be at STAR East next week. I give my talk "Hallmarks of a Great Tester" Wednesday afternoon, but I'll be there all week. If you're in the area let's meet up!

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  1. Anutthara says:

    I saw the talk hosted internally and I must say it was awesome…

    An interesting little note btw – I normally use mail aliases to remember folks inside the company and normally even address them by their alias like parthad for Partha Das and gopinach for Gopinath C H etc. When I navigate to your blog , I have to type right? I automatically assumed micahel is your mail alias within the company! It never struck me that this could be a typo for michael! After looking up Outlook in vain to see your contact info from your alias some months ago, I actually went and looked up your full name from your blog. Note that even then, though I noticed that this alias does not fall in line with your actual name "Michael Hunter", I still thought your alias must be micahel and that you might have quit MSFT in between! 🙂 Anyway I typed your full name to find your alias is actually michhu and that I have seen that alias in several other presentations and papers scattered internally!

    Talk about assumptions being the tester’s undoing! 🙂

  2. <g/> I should have just used my alias like everyone else, but I used "micahel" instead as a continuation of an inside joke with a former boss who could never type my name correctly no matter how hard she tried. But it causes no end of grief – people think I mistyped my own name, or try "michael" and don’t find it, and on and on. Now I just tell people to use the link from "", which not only avoids the spelling problems but is also *much* easier to remember!

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