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You may know that Dr. Dobb's Journal is launching a new portal site where experts in the industry blog about schtuff. What you probably don't know - unless you've been nosing around since they went live last week - is that they've asked *me* to be their tester blogger!

I'll be blogging like daily (i.e., not necessarily every day) - but generally much shorter posts. I'll continue my long form blogs in this space each week as well. We'll just see how long I can keep all this up. <g/>

Check out my Book Of Testing blog at!

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  1. Sherman says:

    Congradulations! You’re the perfect choice for the job. =)

  2. Thanks for letting me know – I’ll pass it on to my sysadmin!

  3. Finally – Dr. Dobb has done what several of your readers wanted to do! None of our "More more more" comments could persuade his laziness to churn out more frequent blogs but Dr. Dobb has had a breakthrough! <g/>

    Looking forward to your blogs there. You rock! 🙂

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