Lunging Madness

The human body is an amazing thing. If you do something bunches of times in a row it gets fatigued and starts to fail. But if you persist long enough it eventually adusts and can continue for a very long time. Case in point: I did lunges for forty-five minutes straight this morning. (Possibly I misunderstood my trainer.) After 100 lunges my body said "Um, this is rather a lot of lunges!" After 150 it said "Yeah, so, I'm done now." At 200 it said "You know, this is pretty easy!" And then when I stopped at 268 and started home I about fell over. <g/>

Hmmm.... Persist in insanity long enough and it becomes normal, at least until you change something at which point everything collapses. Sure sounds like the software industry to me!

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  1. Nick Malik says:

    Excellent point.  Perhaps a better analogy is an assembly line worker, performing the same difficult activity over and over.  Some folks see the value of the work… others don’t.  The worker himself is too close to the work to suggest an alternative way of doing it, and no one has yet come up with a way to make it substantially easier.

    And so we lunge.

  2. Sherman says:


    What comments would you provide a SDE/T candidate who wants to prepare well for his/her interview?

  3. Sherman,

    My post "Screen Door" ( is about just this. The Microsoft Jobs Blog ( has gobs of great information too!

  4. Hi Mike – Your blog is one of the best resources on the net for testers. I really love ’em and wish you would write more often.

    But for the sake of your readers , please consider arranging your blog in a more systematic way. I once sat and read through all blogs that you have published so far in one sitting. Later when I wanted to go back to one of them, I had ZERO navigation help from your blog. 🙁 Atleast the rudimentary arranging by months will suffice.

    BTW, what’s up with the Braidy Tester website? Any updates on when that will be fully functional?

  5. Sherman says:

    Just got back from MS interview. You are a legend there! Seriously! Everyone seems to know who you are. It’s remarkable. I’m really glad I read your blog before my interview, it really helped me prepare well.

    Thanks a Million,

  6. Apoorva Joshi says:

    Mike, I would agree with anutthara and its something which I wanted to bring to your notice since sometime. Your previous template had the categorized by month, with no. of posts next to it. SO if I wanted to head to March 2004, I could just go there and read the posts in that month.

    The calendar you have now is nice, but if I have to go to March 2004, I have to hit that right arrow two dozen times (unless there is another way I have not figured out). But I would still prefer the old style, where I hit the month and it shows me the heading of all posts in that month and I navigate through.

    And yes, anyone who comes to me asking on how s/he should get started off with Software Testing, I direct them to your site. So an easier navigation would definitely help them! 🙂

  7. Sherman, Anutthara: Would simply categorizing my posts help? Or are you looking for something else? Also, what are you expecting to see on my website that you don’t?

  8. Your blog looks cool now. Thanks for adding the categories links!

  9. Apoorva Joshi says:

    Mike, am also thinking. how about linking to any other test/dev blogs/sites/resources that you frequent, or feel would do good for beginners/seasoned testers as a read.

    – Apoorva

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