My Perfect PC

It's been a loooong wait, and it's not all available yet, but this is what my perfect computer would look like:

  • A slate Tablet PC with a screen about the size of a paperback book (about 4" x 6"). This is big enough to use but small enough I would take it with me everywhere I go. Resolution isn't so much an issue, although SVGA is probably the lowest that would be usable. (Motion Computing's LS800 is just about perfect!)
  • A tiny laptop (not necessarily a Tablet) with a keyboard and enough power to code. I want a coding machine I would take wherever I go. This could possibly be the tiny slate, or not.
  • Several slate Tablet PCs with a screen that is about 12" x 15". I have a bunch of whiteboard pieces this size that I use for brainstorming, diagramming, taking notes, all sorts of things. It's nice to be able to pick them up, hold them at whatever angle, and take them to other people's offices or to meetings. Using a Tablet PC instead would give me all that and also give me instant access to all of my data. Plus I would only need four or five instead of the thirty or so whiteboardlets I use now. Resolution is only an issue insofar as it needs to be high enough to look good. But of course higher is better! Just imagine if those new 30" LCD monitors were Tablet PCs....

Tiny laptops have been around for years now. Tiny Tablets are starting to appear. Oversize Tablets I haven't seen yet.


Comments (5)

  1. leppie says:

    I like the small form factor idea too, maybe too many Star Trek episodes and those funky tricorders. I want something I can almost strap to my wrist and still code on. 🙂

  2. james bach says:

    At long last, I find that reliability and battery life are at the top of my list.

    That’s why I love my Toughbook-29. I’ve had it one year. I think I will buy only Toughbooks from now on.

  3. I have seen the new OQO. It’s a little too small – the entire thing is only about 3″x5″. It is pretty close though!

  4. James, The 29 is a sweet machine, as is their Tablet version. Thanks for the suggestion!

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