My Physical Has Gone Mental

Everybody is different, but trying to deal with and understand and work effectively with five bazillion individuals is rather a hard task. This is one reason people chunk everybody else into endless numbers of categories. One type of category I’ve been reading up on lately is dietary. A quick glance through my local bookstore finds…


3,500,000 Euros!

I’m participating in Steve Pavlina’s Million Dollar Experiment. So far I’ve made $1.01. (Found it on the sidewalk – a one dollar bill one day and a penny another day.) Maybe I don’t believe really truly in it deep down inside…. And then the following email arrived: FROM THE DESK OF THE VICE PRESIDENT.INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION/PRIZE…



One of the areas I’m focusing on these days is cross-feature testing – purposely taking a wide-and-shallow view of Sparkle and using its features in combination. Cross-feature interaction is easy to forget as we beat the life out of each feature on its own, but any experienced tester knows that that interaction is where the…


I Don’t Care – But I Do

We have recently started planning Sparkle’s end game: what it’s going to take to ship this puppy. (Please don’t take this to mean we are anywhere near to shipping, because we aren’t.) If you have never shipped a commercial software product, you probably don’t realize just how complicated and involved it is. (I sure didn’t!)…



What would you do with one million dollars? Pay off my mortgage, buy some toys, invest for the future, travel – all this and more is coming my way just because I intend it to. Join Steve Pavlina’s Million Dollar Experiment and it will come your way too.


Let Go Your Fear

I have been working on a presentation on our automation stack for many months now. I’m finally to the point where all that’s left is to practice, practice, practice. Following the Beyond Bullets approach I have spent a lot of time getting the speaker notes just right as they form the offline version of the…