The Best Software Writing Indeed!

I just finished The Best Software Writing I, selected and edited by Joel Spolsky. The idea is that Joel asked his readers to nominate their favorite online articles from 2004, and then Joel picked through the nominations and put them together in a hardcopy book. Many of these I remember reading when they were first…


My Favorite Things

With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Julie Andrews: BVT blockers and feature team meetings,Checking in code and build folder cleanings,Making my dev cry with hardly a strain:These are a few of my favorite things. Installing new builds and making them crumple,Devs sleeping in offices their clothing all rumpled,Watching apps founder like new born younglings:These…


Testability Improves Your Product

I’ve talked about testability before, but I recently had an experience that reinforced for me how improving testability directly improves the product. I am working with my good friend and mentor John Gossman to write a Visio-to-XAML converter. Our first thought was to write a Visio add-in that yanked data out of a drawing and…


Dr. Dobb’s + Me

Dr. Dobb’s published my article “Achieve More Comprehensive Verification With Less Work” online – check it out!


End The Positive/Negative Schism!

For any specific feature there are of course an infinite number of possible tests. Humans don’t generally deal with infinity very well, so we have devised a number of categories that allow us to think in terms of a much smaller set of tests. Categories that immediately come to mind include: build verification / feature…