From Accountant To Scientist

In many of my posts I have alluded to the automation stack my team is building, but I have not provided any details. The next month or so of posts will remedy that: first I'll discuss the problems we are trying to solve and then I'll explain how we're going about doing that.

Those of you doing model-based testing will likely note that you don't have some of the problems I talk about. While I don't disagree I do think that many of these problems simply move into the model's implementation.

Many thanks to everyone who reviewed the whitepapers on which these posts are based: Adam, Chan, Bob, Scott, Cathy, Ross, and most especially Mike.

Test Cases Today Are Not Everything They Could Be

So What Should A Test Case Look Like?

Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

All For One And One For All: Our Complete Automation Stack

Examples of doing all this for a simple application:


*** Comments, questions, feedback? Want a fun job on a great team? I need a tester! Send two coding samples and an explanation of why you chose them, and of course your resume, to me at michhu at microsoft dot com. Great coding skills required.

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  1. All that theory is great, but without a practical application none of it matters. Thus Surveyor.


  2. It’s not sexy, but it sure is fun.

    Santosh recently had a great post on what it’s like being in…

  3. I’ve recently been reading an article about how to de-couple the various sections of a test case.  I love the idea of being able to write test usable test cases from the very onset of a feature. This framework seems very flexible and usable but for me the

  4. Patrick comments on my When To Automate post:

    I am confused by your third bullet in that unstable/newly…

  5. One of the areas I’m focusing on these days is cross-feature testing – purposely taking a wide-and-shallow…

  6. For any specific feature there are of course an infinite number of possible tests. Humans don’t generally…

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