Another Mrmff Person Blogging!

For awhile I was the only person on the Mrmff team (we're not announced yet so I can't give details, remember?) blogging.  Then Adam Ulrich, my boss and the Mrmff Test Manager, start blogging.

Now John Gossman is blogging too.  He's our Dev Architect, which means he's pretty much responsible for the design and architecture of our product.  (In other words, he's my counterpart in the dev world.  Except he has a fancy title and I don't.  Yet.  <g/>)  More importantly, though, he's my good friend.  I've worked with John for over six years now, first at Visio and now at Mrmff.  A lot of the reason I design and code the way I do is thanks to him.  Plus he has the same demented sense of humor I do.  <g/>

As John says, he's been ear-deep in Avalon for over two years.  He knows what works and what doesn't and why.  If Avalon's in your future, you'll want to be listening to what John has to say.

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