I Am Such A Geek!

Every year my family draws names to decide who gives gifts to whom at Christmas.  (Trying to figure out what to give one person is *so* much easier than trying to find something for seven!)  This year (for reasons known only to her) my mom asked if I wanted to draw the names.

Can you see it coming?  <g/>

So I wrote a C# app to choose the names.  I swear it took less time than writing out all the names, cutting them out, picking the names out of a hat, and recording the picks would have taken!

Comments (6)

  1. Did you add user logins so that each person could log in and be the only one to see who they got? How many people can it scale? What about adding wish list functionality?

  2. The Braidy Tester says:

    I’ll be sure to add those features in the next release! <g/>

  3. Can I test that code? I expect an intentional logic bug where more than one person is assigned to give you a X-Mas present! Just Kiddin’….

  4. RohanD says:

    Feature suggestion: use the Amazon XML Web Service to get their Wish List and randomly pick an item off it 🙂

  5. Mitch Denny says:

    OK, you’re terminal. The closest I come to that is writing a little proggy that generated random company names based in a few include and exclude hints.

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