ASP.NET will now work in Server Core with Windows 2008 R2

The Server Core team posted a great blog post that talks about changes coming in Windows 2008 R2.  We’re extremely excited that ASP.NET and a subset of the .NET Framework will be supported in Windows 2008 R2. You can find our more here:  


In case you’re not at PDC…

We’ve announced a TON of exciting things at PDC!!  If you’re like me and weren’t able to attend in person, you can view all of the sessions online, on-demand here:  The first two days are already published and by weeks end I’d expect everything to be posted. To find these sessions simply visit the official…


System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Released to Market!

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 provides a management solution for your virtualized data center that helps enable centralized management of your hosted infrastructure, increased server utilization for your customers, and dynamic resource optimization across multiple virtualization platforms.If you are planning or have already begun your broad virtualized offering of Hyper-V (either Hyper-V server or Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V), SCVMM is a MUST…


Hyper-V Server Available for Download now!

In case you havent heard of Hyper-V server already, its a great new virtualization platform that is available as a FREE download and will work for Hosters in some specific scenarios such as: Test and Development Basic Server Consolidation Go get it here:   Marcel Messing Hosting Technology Specialist


Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008 Beta Now Available !

Microsoft has announced the formal name and beta availability download of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008—a member of the System Center suite of server management products. As you may know, SCVMM works has been designed to work seamlessly managing Hyper-V virtual instances (built-into Windows Server 2008) Additional functionality, new to this version of VMM, includes Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO),…


Hosting Website for Service Providers updated!

The site has been recently revised and now includes links to documentation, downloads, partners, KB articles, etc. Most importantly it has all of the hotfixes available for your version of HMC.  Its your new one-stop hosting shop!   Marcel Messing – Hosting Technology Specialist  


Windows Server 2008 – Hyper-V has released to Market!

Hyper-V, Microsoft’s Next-Generation, Microkenelized-based Virtualization solution, has now released to manufacturing (RTM) and is available for deployment into production environments. Server virtualization, also known as hardware virtualization, is a hot topic in the hosting market in particular because of the potential for serious scale, significant cost benefits and better isolated security model  over monolithic (VM Ware ESX) solutions. So confident in this…


HMC 4.5 Released!!

An updated version of the Hosted Messaging and Collaboration solution is now available.  HMC 4.5 brings together powerful Microsoft enterprise products such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, and now gives you Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, which manages all real-time communications such as instant messaging (IM) and audio and video conferencing.   Other…