The Dynamic Data Center Program for Hosters: Partnering for Success

We recorded a short webcast that outlines some of the business opportunities that are available for hosters (service providers) when they engage in the Dynamic Data Center (DDC) program. If you haven’t heard of the program or are still contemplating moving forward we encourage you to watch this recording below or download the attachment to…

OCS 2007 R2 Architecture poster

Yes, LYNC is coming, but for those Hosters who arent early adopters and are going for stability:  a great blog post about OCS 2007 R2 and the associated data flow, click here:

How to size your Windows 2008 R2 RDS Session Host in your hosting environment

I have been looking around for sizing guidance on RDS Session host for some of my hosting partners.  I located this document, which has proven to be a great resource to get started: Marcel Messing Hosting Technology Specialist

Hosted Exchange 2010 Migration Guide

I am pleased to announce the Hosted Exchange Migration guide. It will provide you the latest and greatest migration assistance spanning Conceptual Architecture, Migration overview, Migration guidance and HMC specific migration guidance.  Chris Samson – Senior Hosting Technology Specialist  – Microsoft Corp Migration


THANKS PFE: SharePoint 2010… Multi-tenancy Support for Hosters – It is there if you want it.

Our good friend Kip Ng shares his latest exploration into hosting SharePoint 2010 multitenancy:   Please read this now to get a leg up on hosting SharePoint 2010!   Marcel MessingHOSTING TSP   (thx Kip!)

Windows Phone 7 Developer East Coast USA events & FREE!! If you are looking forward to WP7 like we are, this should be great news for the Devs out there.  Please pass it on!

Hosted Exchange 2010 Wiki by Henrik Walther

Anyone interested in this blog post probably knows Henriks work with hosted exchange over the years.  This is a good summation of the status of Hosted Exchange today from the Microsoft perspective and will hopefully shed some light on this topic going forward.   Marcel Messing Hosting TSP


Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta now available

The first version of Exchange with native multitenancy capabilities built in is now available for download and test in your lab:   Download Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta   Deployment guide and help file can be found at this link   Service providers can post questions about configuration and troubleshooting hosting mode for Exchange…

Hyper-V Best Practices Analyzer released

More and more of our Hosting partners are moving Hyper-V deployments out of their labs and POC environments into production.  If you are currently running Hyper-V or thinking about it, here is a great toolset that will help guide you towards a better, more efficient virtualization environment. You can use this BP Analyzer to use Powershell to check on…

Hot off the press: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Hosting Guide: Overview and Planning

Overview This document describes the concept of a hosted deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX and discusses the factors that partners should consider when planning for one. Factors include the customer’s IT infrastructure, the components of the business application, deployment options, and server and data management in the context of a hosted infrastructure.