I’m Hanging Up My Crossbow

My Dear Loyal Readers,

That's right, I'm moving on to other projects here at Microsoft.  The Crossbow runtime is pretty well locked and loaded and on a glide path for release with WPF so I am shoving off for other shores.  Not to worry, Crossbow is in good hands and like I said it's pretty much in the can at this point.

I have enjoyed stuffing my bits into your RSS readers and appreciated all the great comments and lively discussions. 

Good luck and I'll most likely be blogging about some other topic soon...


Comments (1)

  1. xpectworld.com craig kelly-soens says:

    ahhh…thats very sad,

    i have your blog at number 11 on my favourites

    its nice to have read it.

    especially your tips saved me time on

    .Child =

    instead of .Add()


    with the missing calendar and month selection in XAML, your interop allowed me to embed the winform controls in the XAML

    This system is now live and in use daily for a customer of mine.

    so thanks,

    will you be able to blog here when you start up again ? im assuming so, and will be glad to follow you on !

    (I’ll also send you my XAML Architecture article which im hoping to get published soon, in some sort of exchange of creative writing !!)


    craig kelly-soens – Windows Vista WinFx XAML .Net Technical Evangelist

    http://www.XpectWorld.com – customised "super-easy to use" Windows Vista based .Net software & consultancy and the Xtensions Customer Xperience Manager database

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