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I did a web cast, well really I guess it was a Live Meeting, today on Crossbow.  I received numerous requests to post my demos and my slide deck.  I'll do ya one better, I'll even post the recording of the event so you can watch it again and again.  Heck, ice down some brewskis and invite the whole freakin' neighborhood and make it a party...yeah a CROSSBOW party...that's the ticket!  Maybe...maybe...I could even get one of the networks to run it in prime time...maybe I could get my own CROSSBOW CHANNEL..huh, huh...yeah...that would be cool...huh, huh...MAYBE I COULD LAUNCH MY OWN SATELLITES THAT BROADCAST ALL CROSSBOW ALL THE TIME!

  ...(Note to self: don't forget to take your medication on time)

Okay, I'm better now...enjoy and bring me some T.P.!

Presentation Slide Deck
RecipeBrowser Demo
Recording of the Presentation

P.S., you will need the Feb CTP of WPF and Crossbow to run the demos.


Comments (6)

  1. anonymous says:

    Thanks for the demo. Enjoyed it. I liked the bring-down-the-namespace feature. Also, it looks the compiler has become smarter as it automatically fixed a typo in the demo.

    Which version of Visual Studio is it btw? I don’t have WPF CTP installed yet so forgive me if the question’s too dumb.

  2. Thanks.  This is using VS 2005 (Whidbey).

  3. Cameron says:

    Awesome presentation… I was especially interested in  the winfx user control in a windows forms part of the presentation.

    However, after I added the winfx user control to the windows forms project, then went to xaml to create the stackpanel with buttons inside it, then went to compile… I got the initalize component error… which you said means that the  project does not know how to handle xaml resources.  When I went to unload the project I did not see the option to unload the project nor did I see a way to edit the file in the project properties… is there another way to edit the csProj file?  I am using VS2005 standard edition.



  4. Hi Cameron,

    You can edit the .csproj file directly if you want by simply loading it up in Notepad or some other editor (outside of VS).  But to follow what I did in the presentation, do the following:

    In VS, with your project loaded, go to the Solution Explorer and right click on your project name and you should see a context menu pop up.  Down near the bottom of that menu should be an option that says ‘Unload Project’.  Choose that option and then you will see that your project name has become grayed out and says (unavailable) beside the name.  At this point, right click again on the project name and you will see another context menu.  Choose ‘Edit <project name>.csproj’ option and then it will load the project file into the XML editor.  Make the necessary changes and then save and close the file.  Then right click again on the project name and choose ‘Reload Project’.

  5. Timothy Paul Narron says:

    "Crosbow" = I vote for "XBOW" or maybe "CBOW".

    Your Presentation was great because it was to the point and actually on subject. I wish more webcasts would state things so clearly and on target without the "fluff" so common in presentations. I wish I had a nickle for mis-titled live presentation I’ve gone to.

    We need some topic police but you are a model citizen!

  6. Wow, thanks Timothy…You’re making me blush!

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