Crossbow on MSDN TV

Well my MSDN TV debut finally hit the airwaves.  I teased you a while back when I told you that it was coming (I didn't realize that it took so long for these to make it to the site).  I know you have been just trembling with anticipation, but tremble no more 'cause it here!

Y'know they tell you that you look 10 pounds heavier when you are on camera?  Wow, how many cameras were on me anyway?  (Okay, I know, I stole that from a Friends episode)  Enjoy!

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  1. Monique says:

    I just viewed your MSDNTV presentation on WPF Interop.

    I’m a lowly Express user, but I just received word that my VS2005 Standard is in the mail.

    I can download some of the assemblies mentioned and bring into my c#.

    WindowsFormIntergration and UIAutomationProvider and Types didn’t download with the winfx.

    I’m redownloading the Windows SDK for winFX, etc.

    I have a question.  Is the host just to go from xp to vista or can you use it for any other opsys to display on.  Basically is it the layer for presentation interop on just those two platforms?

    I’m in a stuck place.  I am working on a winform that’s a smart client.  Vista will ship before I’m done.  The app is a sidebar giving updates to data from various datasources online and each datasource get a miniapp or module for certain processes the datasource provider chooses.  

    Vista comes with a sidebar, many of my target usrs will and many will not migrate within a month or two after shipping.

    For the winforms I have to hook into the system to make sure windows do not overlay or go behind my bar, I had problems with the WS_TOOLWINDOW working to prevent this, so I have to hook even further and watch all winforms movements and prevent the over/under lay along with other toolwins knocking me out of the way and off the screen.  I tested that a winform can overlay an alwayson top toolwindow. I found a namespace in winfx to handle the windowing. It’s much easier that the dll import.

    Your presentation now has me rethinking how I’ll do everything.  I can now do xp(lowest target) and vista from one place.  I can provide for the xp and vista users from one place.  The vista users will not want xp, they’ll expect vista.  

    So this migration webcast was on the money.  I’m in planning and Vista will mostlikely ship before I finish and this webcast helped with some of that desacision making, so thanks.


  2. This technology is only supported where WPF is supported (XP and Server 03).  It is only to enable interop between Windows Forms and WPF.

    I’m glad the technology was timely for you!  Good Luck!

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