Back from the PDC

I spent the last week in Los Angeles at the 2005 PDC and boy is my brain tired!  It was a great week and I got a chance to talk to a ton of really enthusiastic customers which made it worth all the work.  My primary task was to give a session on Windows Forms - WPF ("Avalon") Interoperability and hang out at the Presentation Track Lounge chatting with customers.  The session went well and we had a ton of interest in the topic.  The session was filled to capacity so they opened up two overflow rooms.  All in all, I think there were over 400 attendees at the session.  This prompted the organizers to add a repeat session on Friday morning as well.  I don't think the word got out there about the added session since there were very few there.

Anyway, as I talked with customers last week, it became painfully obvious that I was missing a great opportunity to reach people via a blog.  So many kept asking me for my blog address, asked me to post topics on my blog, etc.  Well, I am sooooo 2003 by not having a blog, so here goes...

I will focus my blog on technologies related to Windows Forms and the Windows Forms Interoperability with WPF ("Avalon"), with the later getting most of the airtime.  But who knows what I may feel like blabbing about, so stay tuned.

For those of you that asked me to post my demos and slides from my talk, click away!

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