Two Silverlight TV Episodes on Silverlight for Windows Phone

I sat down with John Papa to record two Silverlight for Windows Phone videos at MIX.  Check them out: Silverlight TV 14: Developing for Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight   Silverlight TV 17: Build a Twitter Client for Windows Phone 7 with Silverlight


Slides and Demos from my MIX10 Session

The slides and demos from my MIX10 session “Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight” can be found here.  This package includes the following:   ·         Sildes ·         .snippet files ·         Projects o   BrowserAndPhone – A VS 2010 project that includes a shared control referenced from a Silverlight 3 project and a Silverlight for Windows Phone…


Slidentity Updated for Silverlight 3 RTW

Big thanks to Mark Reynolds of Techsys Business Solutions who did most of the heavy lifting for this port.  I made one additional change to get the slide thumbnails working since the usage pattern for WritableBitmap changed since the beta.  The new code is here and you can click the image below to launch the…


Silverlight 3 Beta Sample – Slidentity – Presentation Creation App

I’ve been working on Silverlight 3 since July of last year, when we started planning the key features in the release.  It’s really exciting to have the blog ban lifted and be able to talk about the new functionality of the platform as well as show off some of the samples that our team has…


Third Silverlight v1.0 Servicing Release is Live

As Tim blogged about earlier this morning, last weekend we released a new update to SL 1.  This update addresses top customer issues and includes the following list of fixes: Reduced power consumption PCM is used for audio (Fixes this issue) Better support for Mac OS X Leopard fonts Audio/Video sync issues on Mac are…


Slides and Demos From My MIX 08 Talk

Joe Stegman and I are giving a two part, back to back talk titled Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2 at MIX today.  In this talk, Joe and I are building a video search site.  I’ve put up the demos and slides from my part of the talk here.  Joe is giving the first…


Free Silverlight v1.0 Training on

As a few folks have noticed, the Silverlight Essential Training I recorded for is available free on Lynda’s site.  4.5 hours of video training on Silverlight v1.0, 100% free.  You can watch all the videos and download the exercise files free of charge.  This training will also be made available in Silverlight video format…


First Silverlight v1.0 Service Release is Live

In the midst of all the work our team has been cranking on for Silverlight v1.1 (controls, databinding, layout, templates, styling and a package based app model, phew!), we’ve also been working with customers to address the top set of issues folks have hit with Silverlight v1.0.  Today we’re happy to be releasing an update to…