Slides and Demos from my MIX10 Session

The slides and demos from my MIX10 session "Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight" can be found here.  This package includes the following:


·         Sildes

·         .snippet files

·         Projects

o   BrowserAndPhone – A VS 2010 project that includes a shared control referenced from a Silverlight 3 project and a Silverlight for Windows Phone project

o   InputScopes – An app that puts all the available InputScopes inside a ListBox and applies the selected InputScope to a TextBox

o   Accelerometer – An app that moves a Button based on the accelerometer

o   MediaAndVibrate – An app that shows media playback and the vibration API.

o   HTMLCube – Shows that the WebBrowser control supports transforms and projections

o   ScriptInterop – Shows Silverlight and javascript from the WebBrowser control working together.

o   Chess – The traditional Silverlight chess app ported to the phone.  Instead of using the hosting browser’s script engine, this sample uses the scrip engine in the embedded WebBrowser control.

o   PictureGrayscale – This sample shows the CameraCaptureTask and applying a grayscale to the captured image.


The video of my session isn’t posted yet, I’ll update this post when its available.


[edit] And the video is up:

Comments (3)

  1. Great talk, Mike. Next time you need to bring a 40-oz Tecate.

  2. mwiththeat says:

    Seems like the Samples ZIP link is dead – Can you please re-up? Cannot figure out the Enumhelper class from your video!

  3. Trees says:

    Enjoyed your talk Mike, thanks very much!

    I have a couple of questions from your talk if you get a sec..

    1. Copy paste. You mentioned not their yet and it’s O/S dependant. Do you have access to any information on whether this will make ship? Or who else I should ask on the mix10 speaker team? Refer around 48:50 in your wmv.

    2. Custom choosers. I had the same question you has asked from the floor. I suspect this will be important with the sandbox style development platform (which has it’s merits). Are you able elaborate on availability of this in the future or refer me to someone else on the mix10 speaker team who can? Around the same time in the wmv.

    Thanks again, really enjoyed your talk.

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