is using the Silverlight v1.0 RC has just launched a Silverlight based video player as a companion for articles.  Click the image below to see an article using the new Silverlight player. 

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  1. WynApse says:

    Silverlight Cream for August 6, 2007

  2. kurtbrockett says:


       This is great news.  What a big win for Microsoft.  I was keeping my fingers crossed after MIX that the partnership would flourish and it looks like it has. over the last few years has done some great things in the online Video marketplace.  They definitely are leaders in the space and hopefully others will follow suit with Silverlight integration.

  3. is using Silverlight for their video. Big win for Microsoft, I’m assuming the first of many big

  4. N.Tony says:

    Hi! I have some questions:

    1) Can you tell me please when a Silverlight player will fully support receiving of mms stream?

      The fact  is that a version Alfa 1.1 (no refresh) allows us to do this and we could broadcast video from web camera to the browser through Media Series 9.

      But after the last refresh the MediaElement stopped play the stream.

    2) Will the Expression Media Encoder ever broadcast the video streams to Windows Media Series?

    3) When will Encoder Expression SDK appear?

    4) Why do the objects in Silverlight take so much memory in the browser? (The 5 rotating cubes with the images on its sides takes about 150Mb)

    5) When will the bug with class System.Windows.Media.Matrix be fixed? Now we have to change the regional options to English

    6) Do you know when the release of Silvelight 1.1 will appear?

  5. Vladimir.Leshchinsky says:

    Hi Mike!

    Why doesn’t Microsoft use its own format of streaming video MMS for broadcasting of media content and uses Adobe Flash( )?

    Isn’t Microsoft technologies able to compete?

    When will Microsoft release a worth competitor and begin to implement its projects using its technologies?

    An excellent Silverlight player appeared. What is wrong whit it?


    Vladimir Leshchinsky

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