Electric Rain Harmony Converts SWF files to XAML

Electric Rain recently announced a new product they're working on called Harmony.  This app will take .swf files and convert them to XAML.  This tool has the potential to help users with Flash assets ramp-up on Silverlight very quickly.  Electric Rain is promising a beta version "soon".

From the product site:

"Electric Rain Harmony provides designers and developers with a fast and easy way to convert existing Flash SWF files (graphics and simple animations*) into Microsoft-based XAML mark-up for immediate use in the Microsoft WFP and Silverlight (formally WPF/E) platforms."


Comments (4)

  1. Electric Rain recently announced a new product they're working on called Harmony. This app will take

  2. I just read this over at Mike Harsh’s blog Electric Rain recently announced a new product they’re working

  3. Silverlight says:

    Great job!!!

  4. kclin says:

    While a SWF to XAML converter might be useful for some people, when I think about it, a XAML to SWF converter might be even better for .NET developers like me.

    Currently I know neither technologies, but I am excited about Silverlight and would like to start learning it.  However, due to Silverlight’s low install rates atm, having a Flash version means I’ll reach a larger portion of the users.  But I don’t have enough bandwidth to learn Flash at the same time.

    So having a XAML -> SWF converter will allow me to develop in Silverlight and deploy a Flash version (or dual Silverlight/Flash versions somehow) in the meantime.

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