Lumines Live 60 Second Top Score in WPF/E

I've been playing quite a bit of Lumines Live on my 360 lately.  I'm no Mr. HeXic, but I recently posted 111 deletes in 60 seconds.  This puts me in the top 100 on the Live leaderboard, so I recorded the replay and built a WPF/E video player to host it here.  I used Expression Blend to design the skin and Visual Studio to add interactivity.  The source for this video player is here and the direct link to the sample is here.  I plan to update the video if my top score improves.

Comments (2)

  1. looks gr8 … lesters blog hs a nyc vid carousel

  2. Joe has posted the materials from his MIX talk. The slide deck is here . The corresponding video search

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