Animation Performance Comparison Between WPF/E, WPF, DHTML and Flash/Flex

Alexey Gavrilov has written a piece comparing the animation performance of WPF/E, WPF, DHTML and Flash. One remark based on the article: we’ve got a known bug slowing down the performance on Firefox and we’re current working on a fix for that. 

Here’s the performance results from Alexey’s article:

Here are results I got testing with 16 balls on my Pentium M 1.7 laptop:

Browser DHTML Flex WPF/e WPF
IE 6.0 56 61 84 99
Firefox 55 52 58
Opera 9.01 94 50

All the tests can be found here.  Click the image below to jump straight to the WPF/E version of the test. 

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