Simulating Grid Layout and Databinding in WPF/E

Bryant is serious about digging into WPF/E.  Today he put up a post outlining a data grid simulation in WPF/E.  As the name implies, a data grid needs both grid layout and data binding.  These are two features missing from the current WPF/E CTP.  Bryant has built up his own architecture to work around these missing features to create an Microsoft AJAX based sample. 

A detailed walkthrough and code are available in the blog post, titled part 1.  I'll be checking my RSS feed for future iterations.  Finally, since this sample requires the ASP.NET AJAX extensions on the server, it is not posted live.  Hopefully this will change soon.


Comments (2)

  1. ryanstewart says:

    That kicks ass. I thought it might be possible, but someone beat me to it. Very cool.

  2. Horacioxxi says:


    In relation with this post i have some questions and/or wishes.

    I want to know if wpf/e will have data controls like datagridview or may be a listview.

    Is there an idea of how WPF/E "full features" will be?

    I´d really love (in the future) to build a full wpf/e e-commerce website using only managed code (XAML + C#, no Javascript, no Ajax). Am i missing the picture?

    Excuse my ignorance and my poor english

    Best regards


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