The February CTP of WPF/E is Live

The December CTP just expired and the February CTP is now live.  The Windows installer is here and the Mac installer is here.

The samples on the Channel 9 Playground have all been updated to work with the new CTP.  In order to get your December CTP sample working with the February CTP, you'll need to change out the agHost.js file with the new one (found here).

We'll post more information tomorrow morning on the WPF/E dev center about what's new in this release.  An updated SDK and a new round of samples will be ready soon.

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  1. Due to a premature time bomb, we’ve posted this a few days earlier than expected. See Mike Harsh’s post

  2. Odegaard says:

    Så er har WPF/E teamet frigivet en ny CTP af WPF/E. Jeg har mange forventninger til denne teknologi,

  3. kierepka says:

    When version for PocketPC will be available?…

  4. xtoff says:

    That is a great news, but I can’t find a WPF/E plugin to Opera. Will there be one when WPF/E RTM is released?

  5. Like Mark Harsh is writing on his blog the new February CTP of WPF/E is live. Download the Windows and

  6. koistya says:

    Cool. This thing looks very exciting.

  7. CCarminati says:

    Hi, I’m refreshed a sample project developed for us with new CTP and doesn’t work. I use CreateFromXaml in many sections of my code. Can you said me if something has changed about this?

  8. WPF/E(codename)の February CTP が公開されました(Mac版は こちら )。December CTPは1月末で期限切れになっていますので、December CTPをアンインストールしてからFebruary

  9. A Potential Security Hole with "Remember Me Next Time" [Via: Scott Mitchell ] Conditionally Serve Files…

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