First Silverlight v1.0 Service Release is Live

In the midst of all the work our team has been cranking on for Silverlight v1.1 (controls, databinding, layout, templates, styling and a package based app model, phew!), we’ve also been working with customers to address the top set of issues folks have hit with Silverlight v1.0.  Today we’re happy to be releasing an update to…


Netika builds a PowerPoint-alike in Silverlight

The folks at Netika who created a set of UI controls for Silverlight v1.1 have taken those controls and built an app that mimics some PowerPoint 2003 functionality.  More information and source code is available on the Netika blog.  Click the image below to launch the sample


Source code for the .NET Framework!

Microsoft is releasing the source to the .NET Base Class Libraries as well as the top three presentation technologies in the framework, ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF.    This is huge.  I’ve been on the Silverlight team for about two years and most of that time was spent using javascript in the browser’s script engine. …


MSN Election ’08 Site Using Silverlight

MSN’s new Election ’08 site is using Silverlight and Live Search to display candidate information organized by issues.  Its a very efficient way to navigate this information.  Click the image below to visit the MSN Election ’08 page.  

3 – Searching in Silverlight

The good folks at Jackson Fish have built a very slick Silverlight front end for Live Search called Tafiti.  Tafiti lets you search the web, blog feeds, images, books and news.  It also has deep linking support so that you can drive it to specific queries via URLs.  Click the image below to launch …


MediaPreview.TV – Beautiful Silverlight v1.0 App

Another very polished Silverlight application was launched recently.  It aggregates new feeds and music videos in a very slick user experience.  For instance, if you click the login button, the background is dimmed and the media is paused as the login UI animates to the forground.  This is a great example of the type of media enriched…

5 is using the Silverlight v1.0 RC has just launched a Silverlight based video player as a companion for articles.  Click the image below to see an article using the new Silverlight player. 


Silverlight v1.0 RC is Almost Here

We’ve been working like mad to get Silverlight v1.0 ready to ship.  We’ve improved perf, added a small set of features and fixed over 600 bugs since the MIX ’07 beta was released.  The RC will be publically available very soon, but to prepare, Tim Sneath has posted a preview release of the RC SDK…


WinForms on Silverlight

The team has been obscenely busy shipping Silverlight v1.0 and working on Silverlight v1.1 so I haven’t had much chance to post lately, but this stopped me in my tracks.  Via Tim’s blog I saw this implementation of Windows Forms on top of Silverlight by a company called Netika.  Having worked on the Windows Forms team…


Dave Campbell’s Getting Started With Silverlight Article

For the few folks who don’t know, Dave Campbell is a very prolific Silverlight blogger and frequent poster to the forums.  Dave has a collection of two dozen (and growing) Silverlight samples with in-depth walkthoughs and code explaining concepts how to perform basic UI tasks in Silverlight.  Dave has writen the first in what will…