Updated Version of WPF/E Pad

I've made some updates to the first version of WPF/E Pad I posted last week.  The new version has the following changes:

  • Enhanced readability by lightening the background color of the XAML textarea

  • Modifed the loading logic to download one XAML file at a time.  I've also added a status area in the XAML files pane to show what file is currently loading

  • Added a splitter for XAML and Scene panes.  Just drag the XAML pane titlebar up or down to resize

  • Added scroll wheel support for zooming

Click here to run the new version.  The new source can be found here.  The original source can be found here.

Comments (4)

  1. swildermuth says:

    Two issues:

    This doesn’t parse (with the new "WPF/E" namespace), and it doesn’t complain:

    <Canvas xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/client/2007&quot;


           Width="480" Height="320">

     <Ellipse x:Name="theCircle"

              Canvas.Left="50" Canvas.Top="50"

              Width="100" Height="100"

              Fill="Blue" />


    If I change it to the WPF namespace it works.  Is there something I should know?


  2. Mike Harsh has updated his WPF/E Pad. The new version has the following changes: Enhanced readability

  3. Microsoft&#39;s Mike Harsh just released an updated version of his WPF/E Pad that makes it easy to quickly

  4. schultz says:

    Excellent work dood!

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