The power’s back on and there’s a glut of new WPF/E blogs and samples

After almost 5 days without power (yeah, it was cold), Puget Sound Energy brought the power back to my house in Redmond.  In that time, a handful of new WPF/E samples and blog posts have popped up.

Lee Brimelow has recreated the banner on his WPF blog using WPF/E.  He's also got a nice recap post about his first week using WPF/E.  He mentions the flexibility of the all text programming model that allows developers to use notepad to develop applications. 

Mike Taulty has been quite busy.  He's got three new WPF/E samples on his site.  One of these is a Virtual Earth and WPF/E mash-up using WPF/E to overlay an animated vector on the Virtual Earth surface.  He's also updated the 12 MediaElement sample from last week.  The new version has 12 different videos, all playing back at once.  It's streaming, decoding and rendering 12 different videos all using software.  I'm amazed at how well this works on my mid-range desktop (3.2 GHz P4) given the WPF/E plug-in is still not fully optimized. 

Also, Shawn Wildermuth has a new post and a few WPF/E samples on his site.

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