Using WPF/E to host videos in your blog posts

Chandu Thota has written an ASP.NET page the accepts a video URL in the querystring and loads the video in a WPF/E player.  If you wrap this in an iframe, you can embed the player in a blog post.  

Expect to see many samples like this one to pop with WPF/E. 



Comments (2)

  1. AndyRollings says:


    Just been trying to get mms streams served up from Windows Media Server to playback in WPF/E, not sure if i’m doing something wrong, but it appears the mediaElement in WPF/E can’t playback streams?

    If you use a WPF form it works fine, attempt to use the same source i.e. mms:// in WPF/E, and nothing happens?

    Is this a limitation of the current CTP for WPF/E or a limitation with the mediaElement Implementation in WPF/e as a whole?  Or am I just doing something wrong?

  2. 1。 Mike Harsh 是微软WPF/E产品组的主管(Program Manager),针对论坛上的疑问,他在博客里澄清“WPF/E到底是什么东西(What is WPF/E really)?”,该文的大意是:

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