WPF/E at Mix ’06

I know, it's been a long while since I've posted.  Last October, after Windows Forms 2.0 shipped, I left DevDiv and started working on the WPF/E team.  It's been an intense ride so far, but our product is really starting to take shape. 

So what is WPF/E?  It is a cross-platform, cross-browser web technology that supports a subset of WPF XAML.  WPF/E also has a friction-free install model and the download size we’re targeting is very small.  WPF/E supports programmability through javascript for tight browser integration.  The WPF/E package also contains a small, cross platform subset of the CLR and .NET Framework that can run C# or VB.NET code.  Yes, we are bringing C# programming to the Mac. 

The big news from Mix '06 is that our release dates were announced on Tuesday.  We will ship a CTP this summer, our first version will ship in the first half of 2007 and our device version will ship in the second half of 2007.  At Joe Stegman's WPF/E talk, he showed many of the features our team has been working hard to complete.  Below you'll find some information and screen shots from our demos.  Note that Joe’s talk also showed XAML content running on a Mac.  I'll post again soon with a walkthrough of building of a simple WPF/E app.

WPF/E Clock (in Firefox!)

This is a transparent vector clock with animating hands over the page's background image.

WPF/E Pan and Zoom (in Firefox!)

WPF/E Pan and Zoom is a vector graphic viewer that lets a user zoom, rotate and pan around a vector image. The vector art is converted from an Illustrator sample created by Yukio Miyamoto.


WPF/E Pad is a XAML editor application. It’s a DHTML app that hosts the WPF/E browser plug-in and sets the XAML to what the user enters in the text area.

Edit: It turns out there's only one capital "F" in Firefox.

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  1. jeromatron says:

    So is this going to be like IE for the mac, developed separately and then tossed to the curb?

    Seriously though, why would it be in MS’s best interest to develop this on the Mac?  They haven’t even said that they will support Virtual PC on Intel.  It seems like trying to evangelize the technology in the spirit of openness.  It just seems pretty expensive to maintain over the long term.  Why doesn’t Apple do this if it’s going to be such a great technology?  Well, they *are* still using the 1.4.2 JVM…

  2. Last year, the talented and beautiful Mike Harsh left our illustrious Client team for the WPF/E team….

  3. Details of WPF/E were announced at MIX06. All I can say is

    go checkout…

  4. Mike Harsh has a great overview of WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) and of the content…

  5. Last week at the Mix ’06 Conference, Microsoft announced WPF/E, or Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere.From…

  6. Rob Relyea says:

    Let’s remember that there are several ways that people mean XAML:

    1) XAML Language – the core language. …

  7. Suite  le lecture d’un article fort intressant sur AJAX, j’ai eu envie de faire un point personnel sur la difficult de crer des applications web attractives, innovantes, et efficaces.

  8. See Win App says:

    A few links I’ve heard good things about or have read recently:

    Rob Relyea on XAML

    Top Ten UI Development…

  9. Rob Relyea says:

    There are several ways that people use the term XAML:

    1) XAML Language – the core language. …

  10. XAML Chick says:

    At MIX 06 WPF/E was announced Tim Anderson (ITWriting) posted a thorough story highlighting Microsoft’s…

  11. slyi says:

    Can you do any flashy direct animation type stuff in the browser?

    Spinning 3d video cubes etc… http://www.geocities.com/sly_i/datest.htm

  12. I am heading over to Wellington,  May 24-27, to be part of an event

    called Webstock.

    I’m going…

  13. OberData says:

    Asi parece!, segun dice esto será asi,

  14. There has been more talk about the Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) lately as release is coming "real…

  15. The Ajax Experience conference kicked off yesterday in beautiful San Francisco… I am having a great…

  16. Thanks to the Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer (and my fellow panelist) for having me on panel last night. …

  17. Here’s an interesting little data point to put on your radar:  Nathan Herring, long time Microsoft…

  18. Leyendo un artículo que habla de si WPF traerá finalmente el Internet 3D me encontré

  19. Ken Brubaker says:

    Mono is safe from patent infringement suits.

  20. I’ve had a few requests to post an updated version of the WPF/E clock sample that was shown at Mix ’06.

  21. Breaking News: Microsoft is working on having a version of the framework that will run on the Mac! That's

  22. Breaking News: Microsoft is working on having a version of the framework that will run on the Mac! That's

  23. XAML Blog says:

    We developers love XAML. Not that anybody really likes to write a single line of any declarative language

  24. Last year at MIX we announced that we we’re integrating .NET development into Silverlight and today we’ve

  25. The Silverlight team has released a new version today at the MIX with .NET support. Since Mike announced

  26. Blogs says:

    My sixtieth podcast is up . We discuss "Web 2.5" as Silverlight (ne WPF/E) is announced. Seems

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