Updated Version of WPF/E Pad

I’ve made some updates to the first version of WPF/E Pad I posted last week.  The new version has the following changes: Enhanced readability by lightening the background color of the XAML textarea Modifed the loading logic to download one XAML file at a time.  I’ve also added a status area in the XAML files…


Richard Leggett on WPF/E

Richard Leggett, co-author of Flash Applications for Mobile Devices, has written a nice commentary on WPF/E and how it fits into the RIA ecosystem.  He’s also posted a set of cool samples and a few development hints.  Gotta love that winter card example.



Late last year, one of the first WPF/E samples that our team created was a XAML pad type web page that you could paste XAML into and it would load that into the WPF/E control.  This sample highlighted the fact that WPF/E content can be entirely text based and thus, created and edited on the…


WPF/E ScratchPad

My good friend Robby Ingebretsen from IdentityMine has written a little WPF/E drawing app.  I dig it.  It serves as an excellent reminder of why I always brought home D’s in handwriting.  


The power’s back on and there’s a glut of new WPF/E blogs and samples

After almost 5 days without power (yeah, it was cold), Puget Sound Energy brought the power back to my house in Redmond.  In that time, a handful of new WPF/E samples and blog posts have popped up. Lee Brimelow has recreated the banner on his WPF blog using WPF/E.  He’s also got a nice recap post about his…


Live Version of the WPF/E Clock

I’ve had a few requests to post an updated version of the WPF/E clock sample that was shown at Mix ’06.  The sample is here and source can be found here.  


WPF/E Mouse Scribbler

Simon Allerdice har written another WPF/E sample.  This one records mouse movements on a surface, stores the recording on the server and then plays back the last four user’s recordings.  This sample uses ASP.NET AJAX to store the recodings. 


Mike Taulty hosts an XBOX video in WPF/E (x12)

Mike Taulty has built a sample with 12 MediaElements all playing back at the same time, with a mouse over animation on each element.  Trippy.   


WPF/E Egg Timer

Simon Allerdice has written a WPF/E egg timer app as a first sample.  Check it out.  


WPF/E ASP.NET Server Control

Last week, a group of ASPInsiders were on campus and I presented a session on WPF/E.  For this session, I updated the simple ASP.NET server control we showed at Mix ’06 this year.  This control makes it easier to integrate WPF/E into ASP.NET pages.  The control has a smart tag which exposes the most common properties.  The control…