Windows Forms Markup Language (wfml)

This sample, written by Joe Stegman, allows users to create XML Form definitions and then instatiate those Forms at runtime.  This is similar in concept to Xamlon but more generic in that it can also be used to declare any managed type.  The basis for wfml is that types map to XML elements and properties map to XML attributes. 

Check it out at

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  1. Thanks! Looks like we can use this for as well. Is there a serializer coming?

  2. (No, not a blog entyry about Samuel Beckett) Rather, Chris Sells pointed out that Chris Anderson pointed out that Mike Harsh tells us about an interesting WinForms markup written by Joe Stegman. Using Windows Forms Markup Language (WFML), you can use markup today! That little tidbit opened up my browser to the entire What a kick ass site that is….

  3. We decided to serialize vector graphics to MyXaml instead of WFML, since MyXaml is actively supported and enhanced.

    You can read about the MyXaml and graphics engine integration here:

    Among other things, this demonstrates the flexibility of MyXaml to work with

    third party assemblies.

  4. Roshan James says:

    Well, I might be a little late to say this, but I have an entry about WFML. But its not exactly what you think it is.

    WFML is ‘Win Forms Markup Language’, but not what MS wrote – it is something I wrote for the fun of it.

    I seemed to be getting several google hits a day about it, so I thought I’d check up. You might find it intersting, atleast for coincidence worth.. 🙂,guid,fc269607-7c39-4f96-b7c6-edd2247413a4.aspx



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