WebParts and ASP.NET AJAX 1.0

A lot of people ask how to use WebParts with ASP.NET AJAX 1.0.  There are three different WebParts features: Cross-browser drag and drop. Modify WebParts page (drag and drop, minimize, restore, close, add, delete) without postback. Update contents of WebPart without postback. Cross-browser drag and drop is enabled by using the WebParts controls in the…


ASP.NET AJAX: ScriptControl change from Beta2 to RC – ScriptManager.RegisterScriptDescriptors()

There has been some confusion about a change made to ScriptControls between the ASP.NET AJAX Beta2 and RC.  In Beta2, the only requirement for controls implementing IScriptControl or IExtenderControl was to call ScriptManager.RegisterScriptControl() or ScriptManager.RegisterExtenderControl() from their PreRender() method.  In RC, there is an additional requirement to call ScriptManager.RegisterScriptDescriptors() from the Render() method. Beta2public class MyScriptControl :…


PDC 2005 Slides and Code

Back in September 2005 at PDC, I gave a talk with Andres Sanabria titled PRS418: Developing Portal UI With Web Parts. There are five separate demos: ExternalWebParts: The WebParts and Connections for a page are stored in an external XML file, instead of the page itself.  Shows how to decouple the WebPart definitions from the…

ASP.NET Connections 2006 Slides and Code

Last week, I was in Las Vegas attending the ASP.NET Connections 2006 conference.  I gave a talk with Mir Tariq titled AMS306: Developing Rich Web Applications with ASP.NET “Atlas”. The slides and code are available here. AMS306_Harder_Tariq.zip