Silverlight 2 RTW, the Patient Journey Demonstrator and Blacklight

What a week! Silverlight 2 is here – horray! This release really feels like it has come out of nowhere. First up – where to get the stuff… Uninstall the old Silverlight runtimes, Silverlight tools for VS, Silverlight SDK and Blend 2 (any CTP). Get VS2008 SP1 installed, if you havent already, from here……


Brand New Silverlight 2 Application: Healthcare Demonstrator

I have been fairly quiet for the last few months, and one of the reasons is that I have been working on a Silverlight 2 application, showcasing some future thinking for rich UI in the healthcare space. The Microsoft Health Common User Interface: Patient Journey Demonstrator is the result of work from a very small…


BETA 2 – Come and get it!

Tim Sneath tells us whats new in WPF Beta 2, and where to get just about everything! Martin


Ten Websites of the Month – May Edition

Ok, so one of the things I hope to achieve with this blog is to share all of the little gems that I come across in the web, as well as highlighting some articles from the big boys’ blogs, such Tims, Karsten, DanC etc. So, without further adue… (and in no particular order!) Adding Glass…